Directions on how to connect to the BBS

You may connect to the BBS via the following methods at this time:


These directions assume your have a copy of (1.) the FirstClass BBS Application Program: Version 6.011, and (2.) the MCVSD BBS Settings File already installed on your computer:

1. Download a copy of the MCVSD BBS settings file (found on the Internet at Or simply duplicate this file on our computer.

2. Open this newly created copy of the settings file. Click the Setup button. See below...

3. In this window that opens, called "Service Setup" Set the "Connect Via" pop-up menu to TCP-IP.FCP

4. Under the section labeled "Fill in if server is accessible via the network:", in the Server: box type "" (leave the quotation marks out), and Network: type "*" (again, leave the quotation marks out). See below...

5. Click Advanced.

6. In the window that appears, click the Advanced Tab

7. More settings will appear. Set the Buffer size to "Default (10000)", and set the Port number to "TCP Default (510)". Everything else stays the same (but to be sure, the pop up menus are set as follows: Window is set to "Auto", Packets to "Auto", Lock to "None", and Encrypt to "On"). See below...

8. Click Save. In the Service Setup window, click Save again.

9. You may wish to rename this file something like "TCP/IP", "", or a similar name.

That's it. Use your FirstClass BBS application program to Open the file, and connect.

Via a Web Browser:
The MCVSD BBS Web Browser Interface allows users to check their email via a Browser without installing any Client software.
Note: Logging into the BBS using the Web Browser Interface will only provide basic features to users. For better performance, and to utilize all of the BBS software components, please use the FirstClass Client software to connect to the system.
To login to the MCVSD BBS via a web browser

Hope this helps,
System Administrator

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