PowerSchool TechNote:

Secretary Procedure: Entering Daily Attendance from Teacher's Meeting Attendance Records

Note: the following instructions apply only to schools with teachers using the PowerTeacher Portal to record electronic attendance.

To enter daily attendance codes for students:

  1. Select System Reports

  2. Select the Absentee report

  3. Set the Attendance Mode to Meeting

  4. Select All Students (or a selected group)

  5. Select ALL CODES

  6. Leave all other options at default

  7. Click Submit

  8. After clicking Submit, the Report Queue appears. When the report is complete, click View to review the Absentee Report results

  9. The resulting report will list all students with a Teacher's attendance flag for today's Meeting(s), such as A for Absent, T for Tardy.

  10. Click Functions

  11. Click on the hyperlinked number next to the Current student selection

  12. A list of students appears, you can use this list to enter the Daily attendance code (such as UE, EX, or other code, as necessary) manually for the current day.

Example Absentee Report setup screen shown:

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