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PowerTeacher Portal & PowerTeacher Pro Tips (more PowerTeacher Pro Tips are coming soon)

PowerTeacher Pro: Quick Reference Guide (PDF format)

PowerTeacher Pro: Training Resources & Videos

PowerTeacher Pro: Term Weighting & Category Weighting

PowerTeacher Portal: Taking Attendance using the PowerTeacher Portal

PowerTeacher Portal: Viewing Activity on Parent/Guardian & Student Portal Access

PowerTeacher Portal: Viewing Student Info via Quick Lookup (same info as displayed on the Parent/Student Portal)

PowerTeacher Pro: Marking a Student's Reporting Term Final Grade as Incomplete

Teacher Grade Verification Process

Overview of Due Dates in PowerTeacher Pro (gradebook assignment due date versus real-world date)

How to Backup Your PowerTeacher Gradebook Data

PowerTeacher: Access Your Legacy PowerTeacher Gradebook

PowerSchool Tips (for Admin, Guidance & Central Office Staff)

PowerSchool Report Recipe: 20 Day Attendance Grid using "Class Rosters (PDF)" [for use at all schools]

PowerSchool Report Recipe: Teacher Rosters using "Class Rosters (PDF)" [for use at all schools]

Printing Teacher Schedules

Printing Student Schedules

Printing Address Labels (ReportWorks)

Printing Locker Number/Combination Labels (ReportWorks)

Printing Student Bell Schedule Reports (ReportWorks)

Secretary Procedure: Entering Daily Attendance from Teacher's Meeting Attendance Records

Generating Attendance Letters & Absence Summary Reports (Shared Time Campuses)

Generating Attendance Letters & Absence Summary Reports (Full Time Campuses)

Daily Bulletin Setup and Use

Printing Student Portal & Parent/Guardian Portal Welcome Letters

Viewing Activity on Parent/Guardian & Student Portal Access

Preparing for End of Term: Common Errors identified via Grade Verification Report

Report Cards: Preparation & Printing

Printing a Report Card from a Previous Year

Printing a Transcript for a Graduate

Adding Student "Test Scores" (Graduation Requirements, Option 2 Courses etc.)

Students with Special Living Arrangements

Changing Historical Grades

How to Create Multiple Historical Grade Entries

Printing a "Courses Only" Transcript for the Current School Year

Various Student Search Commands

List Student GPAs (Cumulative GPA)

List Student GPAs (Current Year GPA)

Using the "List Students" Group Function (to export Cumulative GPA, Current Year GPA, Semester 7 GPA and more)

PowerSchool Export Template: Current_Year_GPA_Projected_Q1_Q2_M1_Q3

PowerSchool Export Template: Current_Grades_Export

PowerSchool Export Template: Student Portal Usernames & Passwords

PowerSchool Export Template: Parent Portal Access IDs & Access Passwords

PowerSchool Quick Export Codes

How to Upload a Student or Staff Photo

PowerSchool: Special Reports (Last Grade Update, Low Current Grades, MCVSD Grade Distribution, and more)

PowerScheduler Tips (for Admin, Guidance & Central Office Staff)

PowerScheduler: Solving "Error: 2001" Issues

PowerScheduler: Printing Student Schedules Before September

PowerScheduler: Printing Teacher Class Rosters Before September (links to our Special Reports: PowerScheduler Class Rosters Report)

PowerScheduler: Printing Teacher Schedules Before September

PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Portal & PowerSchool Student Portal Tips

MCVSD PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Portal Quick Start Guide (PDF format)

PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Portal Online Help

PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Portal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Video Tip: How to Create Your Parent/Guardian Portal Account (QuickTime Player Required)

Video Tip: Setting Email Notifications and Account Preferences in the Parent/Guardian Portal (QuickTime Player Required)

To setup mobile apps to connect with MCVSD PowerSchool, please use our our District Code of PZCX

For further assistance with PowerSchool Portal access (for Parents/Guardians & Students) please contact the principal at your school.

G Suite Tips

G Suite Mail basics

Google Calendar
Calendar basics

Google Contacts
Contacts basics

Google Chat
Chat basics

Google Tasks
Tasks basics

Google Groups
Groups basics

Google Drive & Docs
Google Docs basics
Google Drive basics

Google Sites
Sites basics

Google Blogger
Blogger basics

G Suite for Education Training Center (GSFETC) Modules:
GSFETC is an online learning environment focused on effectively using G Suite in an educational context. Compared to the "basics" links above, the GSFETC modules below offer a more in-depth look at G Suite.

GSFETC Module: G Suite Mail

GSFETC Module: G Suite Calendar

GSFETC Module: G Suite Drive

GSFETC Module: G Suite Sites

GSFETC Module: G Suite Classroom

Chrome Device Tips

Chromebooks: Getting Started

Chromebooks: "Network not Available" Message & Solution

How to update the OS of a Chromebook or Chromebox

Classroom Tips

Classroom: The Basics

Adobe Tips

Adobe Flash Player Update Fix for Mac OS X

Adobe CC Known Issue: plain/blank Welcome Screen

Tips Archive

(eClass Grades Tips, MacSchool Tips and Progress/Interim Report Tips)

If you have any questions, please contact the MCVSD Technology Group

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