PowerTeacher TechNote:

Viewing Student Info via Quick Lookup (same info as displayed on the Parent/Student Portal)

Q: Is there a way for teachers to view the same information on the Portal that is available to Parents/Guardians and Students?

A: Yes, as a teacher, you can view the exact same screens that Parent/Student users access, called the Quick Lookup screen. This information is available through the PowerTeacher Portal feature named Quick Lookup.

How to view Student Info via Quick Lookup:

1. Login to the PowerTeacher Portal. Do not launch your Gradebook for this task, since this information is available on the PowerTeacher Portal, not yet via PowerTeacher Gradebook.

2. On the Current Classes page, click the Backpack icon next to the class for which you want to view student information.

3. The Student Information page appears with the selected class roster displayed in the navigation pane.

4. Click the last name of the student whose record you want to view.

5. Click the pop-up menu, and select Quick Lookup.

Quick Lookup: This view-only page displays the exact same screens, data, hyperlinks, scores, comments, etc. that Parent/Student users access via the PowerSchool Portal:

Assistance is available via PowerTeacher Gradebook Help (Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook and click on the "?" icon or click the Help menu--->Contents).

If there are any questions, please contact the Guidance staff or Principal at your school, or contact the MCVSD Tech Group for assistance.

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