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PowerSchool: Printing a Transcript for a Graduate

Q: How do I re-print a Transcript for a student that has graduated? For example, I'd like to print a Transcript for a graduate of the class of 2010.

A: You can access graduated student data via PowerSchool using last year's (or any previous year's) schedule/sections. As an example, to edit the historical grade for a student from the class of 2010, you would first need to "find" them by calling up a 09-10 section that student was in that year, such as English 4.

1. Using the Firefox web browser, login to PowerSchool.

2. Switch to the proper year via the Term menu at the top of your PowerSchool browser screen.

3. Then click on the School menu at lower left.

4. Click on Sections to locate an appropriate section.

5. Once you've located the proper section the student was enrolled in, click on the student name, and that will allow you to view/edit their historical grades, or print a report.

To print a Transcript for a graduate, use the report named SchoolName_Transcript_Graduated.

To print a Report Card for a graduate, use the report named Previous_Year_#th_Grade_Report_Card_SchoolName for the desired grade level (more info on printing previous year's Report Card's is available here).

6. Click Submit to process this report.

7. When the job completes, follow the usual procedure to download and view your report.


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