PowerSchool TechNote:

PowerSchool: Printing a Report Card from a Previous Year

To generate a report card from a previous year (such as a senior student's 11th grade report card):

1. Using the Firefox web browser, login to PowerSchool.

2. Select a student.

3. Pick the correct "previous" full year Term at the top of your PowerSchool window, such as 2009-2010.

4. Select Print A Report from the upper left menu.

5. Select the appropriate report, such as Previous_Year_xxth_Grade_Report_Card_yourschoolname.

6. Click Submit to process this report.

7. When the job completes, follow the usual procedure to download and view your report.

Example: If you selected a current senior, and printed their "previous year" 11th grade report card, as above, you'll see all courses/grades for 11th grade, the cumulative GPA for 9th 10th and 11th grades only, as well as the 11th grade GPA.


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