PowerTeacher TechNote:

How to Backup Your PowerTeacher Gradebook Data

In our digital age, data in PowerSchool and PowerTeacher Gradebook now serve as the "Class Record Book" for grade information. Secure access to this data is provided via the PowerTeacher Gradebook tool and via PowerSchool. If your campus is using PowerTeacher Gradebook for recording student grade data, it is no longer necessary to maintain a separate paper-based "Class Record Book" for student grade/assignment information. Class attendance information may be kept in your paper-based attendance books, if desired (or electronically in PowerTeacher, depending on the campus).

The MCVSD Tech Group performs regular backups of the entire PowerSchool Server, including all PowerTeacher Gradebook data on a regular basis. If you would also like to have a backup of your PowerTeacher Gradebook data for reference or archive, follow the steps in this Tech Note to generate a Scoresheet Report as a PDF.

The Scoresheet Report can be used to generate a spreadsheet-style summary of student grade and assignment date in PDF format at any time.

This PDF report can then be saved/archived on your computer, saved to a secure external drive or campus file server.
It is recommended that teachers run this Scoresheet Report to backup their Gradebook data on occasion during the school year (weekly, monthly, etc.). This Scoresheet Report can also be run to save a backup of data at the end of each course and the end of the school year, then saved in a safe place.

How to Run the Scoresheet Report:

1. Login to PowerTeacher Gradebook, then select a class from the Classes pane.

2. Click the Reports tab. The Reports window appears.

3. Click Scoresheet. The Scoresheet Report window appears.

4. To use the default report settings, skip to Step 5. Otherwise, edit the information as needed.

a. To quickly generate a backup of data in all classes and all Final Grade Reporting Terms/Assignments, select Sections: Active Classes, Items to Include: Final Grades (check the box), select ALL (Reporting Terms), Assignments (check the box). Refer to the screen shot farther below for an example.

5. Click Run Report. The Report Complete window appears.

6. To open the report:

a. Select the Open Report option.

b. Click OK. The report results display based on the parameters you selected.

7. To save the report to a file:

a. Select the Save Report option.

b. Click OK. The Save Report window appears.

c. Enter a file name of the report in the Save As field. By default, this field populates with Scoresheet.

d. Choose the location where you want to save the report from the Where pop┬Čup menu.

Note: Desktop appears as the default setting. If you select a different location, that location then becomes the new default setting.

e. Click Save. The Scoresheet Report Complete window appears.

f. Click OK.

g. To view the report, navigate to where the report was saved and open it. The report results display based on the parameters you selected.

Example, showing the All Active Classes, All Reporting Term grades and all Assignments option:

Assistance is available via PowerTeacher Gradebook Help (Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook and click on the "?" icon or click the Help menu--->Contents).

If there are any questions, please contact the Guidance staff or Principal at your school, or contact the MCVSD Tech Group for assistance.

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