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PowerSchool: Report Cards: Preparation & Printing

Information for Guidance and Principals

An important note: All calculations to determine quarter, mid-term, final exam, and final course grades are handled by PowerTeacher Gradebook. It is important that faculty have their Gradebooks configured properly for these "reporting term" settings in each of their courses before report cards/transcripts are generated. In addition, PowerTeacher Gradebook preferences must be set for the storage & display of grades as whole numbers (0 decimal places), in accordance with district policies/practice. More information is available here regarding faculty setup of Term Weights, Category Weights or Total Points in PowerTeacher Gradebook.

Printing Report Cards - Part One: Preparation

After the end of each Marking Period/end of term, please generate and distribute Grade Verification Reports for all faculty. Instructions on generating Grade Verification Reports are available here.

If discrepancies are found in the Grade Verification Reports, teachers need to make adjustments in their PowerTeacher Gradebooks.

In addition, you may want to run the "Special Report" named Low Current Grades to identify final grades that are lower or higher than district policy. First, perform a search for any grades that fall in the range of Highest % 55 - Lowest % 0 , which will identify low grades below district policy. You can then run another Low Current Grades report for any grades in the range of Highest % 200 - Lowest %100.001 , which will identify high grades above district policy. Contact the Tech Group if you need the URL for this "Low Current Grades" report, since it is not available in the normal reports menu.

Any grades that will be reported as Incomplete (Inc) require faculty to perform the steps outlined in the TechNote here to temporarily override the percentage grade with a letter grade of Inc.

When all Grade Verification Reports are back in your hands, signed-off by faculty, and you would like to generate report cards, please notify the Tech Group so they can queue up your school for the "permanently store grades" process. The Tech Group will store grades for the marking period which involves extracting live grades from all faculty PowerTeacher Gradebooks, and permanently storing those grades as historical grades. It is imperative that all grades are correct before we permanently store grades, as those exact grade values will be displayed on our report card and transcript. As above, all calculations are performed in the PowerTeacher Gradebook, so the Gradebook the best place to deal with any adjustments BEFORE report cards are printed.

Once the "permanently store grades" operation is completed, you will receive an email from the Tech Group, and you may proceed to print report cards.


Printing Report Cards - Part Two: Production & Printing

You will be printing report cards by grade level via PowerSchool. There are separate report cards for each grade level 9, 10, 11, 12 (report card generation will occur in four separate batches).

1. Using the Firefox web browser, login to PowerSchool and on the Start Page, navigate to the center of your screen in the Browse Students area.

2. Select a grade level of students, such as 9th graders, by clicking on the number 9 in the Browse Students area.

3. The Student Selection screen will appear. Scroll down to the bottom of the page of listed students. In the "Select a function for this group of students” pull-down menu, click on Print Reports (you will be generating report card reports for the currently selected students).

4. The Print Reports screen will appear. In the "Which report would you like to print?" pull-down menu, select the appropriate report card for the student's grade level, such as AAHS_Report_Card_9th_Graders.

5. Click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
You will now see the Report Queue - My Jobs screen, and your report will appear at the top of the list; Status will show as "Running".

6. Since you may be generating 50+ report cards at a time, wait a minute or so, and then click on word "Refresh" next to the Report Queue - My Jobs title.
You will (eventually) see your report Status change to "Completed"

7. Click the word "Completed" to download the report cards in a single PDF file.
The PDF file will be downloaded to the "Save files to" location preference in Firefox, typically your computer's Desktop folder.

8. Open the file in Preview or Adobe Acrobat (Preview is preferred). Each student will be listed on a separate page in alphabetical order for easy review.

9. When you're satisfied with the report cards for the grade level, click Print to produce a hard-copy for mailing or distribution.

10. To print a report card for a single student, perform the same steps as above, but instead of picking an entire class, just pick one student, and select the Print A Report link at the upper left of the student's screen.

To print report cards for a few students in the same grade level, use the "Select a function for this group of students” pull-down menu, click on Select students by hand to pick a few students, then follow along with "Printing Report Cards" as above.

Note: In any case, be sure to run report cards by grade level only. It is not possible to print report cards for 9th and 10th graders in the same batch, since they use different report card "templates" to generate the PDF.

If there are any questions, please contact the Tech Group.

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