PowerSchool TechNote:

PowerSchool Export Template: Current_Grades_Export

This export includes all current data contained in PowerTeacher Gradebook for Q1 Q2 M1 Q3 Q4 F1 and Y1.
You can run this PowerSchool Export Template at any time during the school year, without the need to wait for a TechGroup "storage operation".

Directions for using this Export Template:

1. Login to PowerSchool using FireFox.

2. Set Your Term at the top of the PowerSchool screen to the Full Year Term, such as 09-10 Year to filter output. Most of the time, you should use the full year, since that will cover full year, as well as semester and marking period length courses.

3. Browse Students, and narrow your selection based on grade level, select by hand, etc.

4. Select Special Functions ---> Importing & Exporting ---> Export Using Template, or in the Functions pull down manu, select Export Using Template

5. Type of Export: Student Schedules

6. Export template? Current_Grades_Export

7. For Which Records? Only schedules for the ## selected students

8. Click Submit

9. After a few minutes, you will see the "Opening..." dialog box appear in FireFox, choose Save File, and pick the destination of your computer's Desktop.
The file will be named student.export.text or student.export(1).text and so on, so be sure to rename to something more specific, such as mast_export_5-21-10.text

10. Launch Excel, and head to the File menu and select Open.

11. Select "All Files" in the Enable area, then choose the file you renamed above, then click the Open button.

12. You can click Next through each of the Text Import Wizard steps or simply click Finish to accept Excel's default settings.

13. You can now sort the data as desired.


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