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PowerSchool: How to Upload a Student or Staff Photo

The Photo function in PowerSchool displays a picture of the selected student or staff, if one is available. In addition, a photo appears next to the student's name at the top of each student page. Click the photo to view a larger version of the photo. Once uploaded, student photos can also be used in reports (such as Lunch ID's or Emergency Response Plans), and photos will appear in PowerTeacher Gradebooks as well.

Student/Staff photo files must be in JPEG format with a file extension of .jpeg or .jpg
The ideal size for photos is 200 pixels wide by 300 pixels high, and PowerSchool will attempt to scale the photo during the submit process below. If your photos appear stretches or distorted, please contact the Photography vendor, such as LifeTouch, and request copies of student photos resized 200 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.
It is not recommended to upload "full-size" photos (such as the high resolution photos used for school yearbooks), since PowerSchool works best with a smaller or thumbnail sized photo.

How to Submit a Student Photo

Use this procedure to submit a new student photo, even if there is already a photo for the student.

1. On the start page, search for and select a student.

2. Under Information, choose Photo from the student pages menu. If a photo is available, it appears in the center of the page.

3. Click Submit a New Photo for this Student to change or add a photo. The Submit Photo page appears.

4. Click Choose File. The Open dialog appears.

5. Locate and double-click the file. The Submit Photo page displays the file name.

6. Click Submit. The Student Photo page displays the student's photo.

Note: If the old photo still appears or if there is no photo at all, click the Web browser's Refresh or Reload button.

The same process as above, can be used to upload Staff photos. The Submit a Staff Photo link appears on the Staff Page-->Photo (left menu item).


Note: the steps above can be used to upload individual photos. To upload multiple (student or staff) photos at one time, please contact the Tech Group for assistance with your bulk upload.


If there are any questions, please contact the Tech Group.

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