PowerSchool TechNote:

PowerSchool Report Recipe: Teacher Rosters using "Class Rosters (PDF)"

Login to PowerSchool.
Select the correct/current Marking Period in the Term Pull-Down at the top of your PowerSchool screen (for example: 09-10 Marking Period 1).
This will allow you to filter and only output Teacher Rosters for courses that meet during the current marking period (such as Marking Period 1 and Semester 1 classes).

On the PowerSchool start page, click on Reports, then scroll to the bottom and choose Class Rosters (PDF) report.
Note: This same report tool called Class Rosters (PDF) is also used to generate Grade Verification reports, so having the "Report Recipe" for that type of job, as well as the "Report Recipe" for Teacher Rosters reports will come in handy. A FirstClass email message works well as a hold-file for these variables, or you may also use a Microsoft Word document.
Set the report variables as below, and paste in the colored text into the Heading text and Roster columns fields.

Report Name: Class Rosters (PDF)
Print rosters for: select one or more staff members
Meeting(s) leave unchecked for all, or you can narrow down to a specific period, day, etc.
Include students who: Are currently enrolled in class
Heading font: Palatino size 12 Bold
Print heading on: All Pages
Heading text: (Paste-in the entire Heading text shown in BLUE below into the Heading text field.)


Teacher: ~(teachername)
Course Name: ~(coursename)
Room Number: ~(Room)
Period: ~(Expression)
Students: ~(No_of_students)


Column title font: Palatino size 9 Bold
Print column titles on: All pages
Roster Font: Palatino size 9

Roster columns: (Paste-in the entire Roster columns text shown in GREEN into the Roster columns field.)


Student_Number\Student Number\1\left


Rule width (points): Horizontal 0.4 Vertical 0.1
Cell padding (points): Horizontal 1 Vertical 1
Page size: Letter
Margins (inches): Left 0.45 Top 0.45 Right 0.45 Bottom 0.45
Orientation: Landscape (Horizontal)

Double-check that you're set to the correct Marking Period "Term" at the top of the PowerSchool screen.
Click Submit.

If printing for all teachers, grab a cup of coffee, the report will take a while to complete. You may want to test this process using one staff member, then move on to running reports for all staff.

That's it, you can now distribute the Teacher Rosters reports to staff.

As noted above, this same report tool called Class Rosters (PDF) is also used to generate a number of different report types, such as Teacher Rosters, Grade Verification reports, and more, all with a few minor adjustments to the Heading text and Roster columns fields.

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