PowerSchool TechNote:

Printing a "Courses Only" Transcript for the Current School Year

To print a Transcript for a student, listing all historical grades and all enrolled courses for the current school year:

1. Change the "Term:" at the top of the PowerSchool screen to the full year term, such as 10-11 Year
2. Select a student
3. On the student screen, click the Print a Report link at the upper left
4. Select the Report named "MP1-4_Courses_Only..." Transcript for an 11th or 12th grader (e.g. MP1-4_Courses_Only_CHS_Transcript_12th_Grader)
5. Click Submit to process this report.
6. When the job completes, follow the usual procedure to download and view your report.

Note: Using this report template, we are unable to output any current year grades or earned course credits, if those are desired, please use the typical Transcript report, (which shows only historical data). In addition, this "Courses Only" Transcript is only available for 11th and 12th grade students at this time.


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