PowerSchool TechNote:

Students with Special Living Arrangements

For students with special living arrangements, such as separate mother and father households that require separate mailings, we've added a few tools to help manage these situations.

We now have a Living Arrangement demographic field that can be used to display multiple households per student.
In addition, a "print direct to envelope" report has been added that will print a mailing label for these new living arrangement setups.


Data Entry Instructions for Students with Additional Households:

1. Locate a student that has a special living arrangement.
2. In the Student screen--->Information--->Custom Screens link, select the Custom Screen named Living_Arrangements. The Living_Arrangements screen will appear.

3. Set the "Living Arrangement" pull-down menu to the appropriate setting:

• Mother and Father (One household, the default setting, no action is necessary. No need to use this custom screen for this student, please use the student Demographics screen to view/edit data).
• Mother (One household, lives with Mother only, separate mailings not sent to Father).
• Father (One household, lives with Father only, separate mailings not sent to Mother).
• Guardian (One household, lives with Guardian only, separate mailings not sent to Mother or Father).
• Separate (Mother and Father live in separate households, separate mailing required for each).

4. Enter the separate mailing address information for the student's Mother, Father, and/or Guardian, if applicable.
5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Submit.

As an example, when selecting the Separate living arrangement, it is necessary to input separate mailing addresses for both Mother and Father.


Instructions to Print Envelopes for Students with Special Living Arrangements:

For these separate mailings, you can print the address directly on a #10 business envelope. You'll need to load envelopes with your school's return address in your printer's manually envelope feeder, typically Tray 1.
With the same students selected, use the Print Report menu, choose one of the following reports (and follow the usual PowerSchool report steps):

• Size_10_Mailing_Envelope_Father_Separate report will print the mailing address for just the father, when the "Living Arrangement" setting is Separate.
• Size_10_Mailing_Envelope_Mother_Separate report will print the mailing address for just the mother, when the "Living Arrangement" setting is Separate.
• For students living with a guardian, use the Size_10_Mailing_Envelope_Mother_Separate report, since it is also designed to print the address of the guardian, when the "Living Arrangement" setting is Guardian.
• The mailing envelope reports above are designed to address special living arrangements only. For all other students, please continue to use the existing Avery_5160_Mailing_Labels report for label sheets, or the Size_10_Mailing_Envelope report for single envelopes.


If there are any questions, please contact the Tech Group.

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